The Church of Our Lady and St Patrick, Ballymoney


The Church of Our Lady and St Patrick, the third church on this site, was built in 1877.


Apart from some minor work and internal decoration, carried out down through the years, it remained basically as built until major restoration and refurbishment was required in 2010.


Fully restored to its former splendour and sympathetically adapted to meet present and future needs, we hope our church will allow us and future generations to continue to serve and worship God.


A solemn mass of reopening of the church and dedication of the altar took place on Sunday 29th April 2012 with Bishop Noel Treanor as the principal celebrant.  








A new altar has been installed in the centre of an enlarged sanctuary.


Made from Portland stone, it has been sculpted to suggest the shape of a chalice or cupped hands supporting the Carrera marble mensa - the top of the altar. By virtue of its shape it appears to emerge out of the floor indicating that it is solid and rooted to the ground.


The mensa is differentiated from the body of the altar as it is here that the central act of worship takes place, the transformation of water and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.


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