Parish Bulletin

18th October 2020

Twenty Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time


The new Covid restrictions that have come into place this weekend have been a source of concern for many of us.  It’s a reminder to us that the virus still poses a threat to our health and that cases are rising in many places.  We continue to pray for the sick and those who are caring for them in hospitals, care homes and in the community.  But the regulations also have a cost—disruption to schools and family life and a serious worry for many local businesses.  We pray too for everyone who is affected by these problems.


But remember that concern can easily take hold of us, and worry can develop into stress and anxiety.  Jesus tells us often in the Gospels to “be not afraid” and to turn to him whenever we’re anxious or overburdened.  May the Lord be with all of us in the weeks ahead and may he grant us his peace.


Fr Damian



All services available to watch on YouTube


SATURDAY 17th           6pm Vigil Mass


SUNDAY 18th               10am Mass

                                              4pm Vespers & Benediction**

                                               5pm Mass


MONDAY 19th              10am Mass

                                               7pm Rosary & Benediction in Dervock


WEDNESDAY 21st  9.30am Mass**


FRIDAY 23rd             5.30-6.30pm Confessions

                                               7pm Mass


** service not open to the public


Our Lady & St Patrick’s is open for private prayer on
Friday-Monday 12noon to 4pm. 






Rosena Coyles, Eilish Gillan, Sammy McLaughlin, Danny McKay, William McKay, Margaret McKendry, Annie McKillop, Jim McMullan, J. P. McNamee, Eamonn Muldoon







to the Year 8 children who received the Sacrament of Confirmation this week.




The Church invites us to support the activities of missionaries around the world this week.  The second collection at Mass is for this intention and we keep missionaries in our prayers as well.


Catholic missionaries are working around the globe to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its values.  This work means not just building churches and training priests and nuns, but also supporting schools, hospitals and feeding programmes.


Pope Francis reminds us of why the missions are so important: “the Church continues the mission of Jesus and sends us everywhere so that through our witness and the proclamation of the Gospel, God may continue to manifest his love and transform hearts, societies and cultures.”




We are praying the Rosary and Benediction on the Mondays of October at 7pm in Our Lady & St John’s in Dervock.  Please note that with social distancing there are only 15-20 spaces in Dervock which will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  This service will also be available to watch on Facebook.  




Children in Primary Four will be making their First Confession in November this year.  Arrangements have been made with St Brigid’s Primary School and Ballymoney Model Primary School and they will inform parents.  If your P4 child attends a different school you are asked to contact the parish office as soon as possible to register for the sacrament.  Please phone 27662003 to leave a message or email




As Catholics we mark the month of November as a special time of prayer for the dead.  There will be a
number of ways to participate this year:


November Dead Lists

November dead lists and envelopes will be available in the church during Mass times from this weekend on.  Please write down the name of your own deceased family and friends who you wish to pray for, pop them in the envelope and leave them back in the church at Mass time or through the door of the
parochial house any time.  You may wish to include a Mass offering and these are very gratefully received.  Your lists will be placed before the altar for the month of November and all those included will be prayed for at every Mass and ceremony for the month.


If you’re not able to come to Mass at the moment just write down your list at home, put it in an envelope and get them posted or dropped in to the parochial house.


November Pledge

Many people choose to abstain from alcohol during November and offer up their sacrifice for their
deceased relatives and friends. Please consider taking the short term pledge for November and say this prayer daily -


"I promise in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary to abstain from all alcoholic drink during November".


There will be more information about our plans to mark the month of November in the next few weeks.




Our parish conference continues to do great work to help people in need of practical assistance at this time.  For confidential help contact their answerphone on 07860 455 549.




Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the parish finances.  We know many people are worried about their own family finances at this time, so it means a great deal that some people are able to support the parish too. 


If you want to make an offering you can leave your envelope through the door of the Parochial House at any time.  Collection envelopes may also be left in the church at Mass time.  If you’re shielding at the
moment just save your envelopes at home until we’re all out and about again!


You can also make an online payment to the parish account or set up a regular standing order using the following details:


Parish of Ballymoney & Derrykeighan

Sort code: 95-06-79 

Account No: 10020192.  


(If you are someone who normally pays by envelope, please use your envelope number as a reference.)