Parish Bulletin

30th May 2021

Trinity Sunday


Last weekend we celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  One week on, we now reflect on God himself—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—three persons, yet one God.  This is the mystery of the Holy Trinity.


How God can be both one and three is definitely a mystery to us!  But that mystery shouldn’t put us off learning more about him. For many people their religious education ended when they were children, but nowadays there are so many ways for all ages to find out more about our faith and to grow in love of God. If we take time to study our faith we will always discover more about who God is and how much he loves the world. 


Fr Damian




Parish webcam can be viewed on our YouTube channel
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SATURDAY 29th      5pm Confessions (until 5.30pm)

                                     6pm Vigil Mass


SUNDAY 30th          10am Mass

                                      4pm Vespers & Benediction (not open to public)

                                      5pm Mass


MONDAY 31st         10am Mass


TUESDAY 1st             9am Mass (not open to public)


FRIDAY 4th           5.30pm Confessions (until 6.30)

                                       7pm Mass


Our Lady & St Patrick’s is open Friday to Monday from 12noon to 4pm for private prayer.





Recently Deceased

Teresa McErlain

Jeannie Scullion

Anne McSheffrey, Coleraine



Josephine Diamond, Meta Doherty, Tilly Douglas, David McFadden, Sadie McKeever, 
Patrick McVicker








to all the children from Ballymoney Model Integrated PS and other local schools who made their First Holy Communion here on Saturday.




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The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on

Wednesday June 9th.  The Bishop has nominated Fr Damian as parish priest to celebrate the sacrament on his behalf this year.




Please remember that there are still restrictions on the number of people who may attend funerals, weddings and baptisms at this time.  These ceremonies are not open to the general public and you should only attend if you have been directly invited by the family.  All ceremonies are available to watch on webcam.




Next Sunday (5th June) is the feast of Corpus Christi when we give thanks to God for the gift of the Holy Eucharist.  To mark the day there will be public adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 12noon to 4pm.  We will then celebrate our Sunday devotions in public—Corpus Christi Vespers & Benediction.  All are welcome to attend on this special occasion.




As children most of us learned a lot of RE at school.  But how can adults learn more about their faith?


Getting the basics—the Bible, Missal and the Catechism

Have you got a copy of the Bible in your house?  There are many translations of the Bible  (some better than others).  The CTS New Catholic Bible (published by the Catholic Truth Society in England) uses the same translation as we hear at Mass.


A Missal contains all the prayers and readings for Mass.  Sunday Missals usually contain the Masses for Sundays and major Holy Days.  Weekday Missals contain all the other days. 


The Catechism of the Catholic Church contains the teaching of the Church in one book.  It was updated by Pope St John Paul II in the 1990s.  In addition to the full length book there is are abbreviated versions including the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults (published by Veritas) and the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (published by the CTS).  YouCat is a version of the Catechism designed for young adults but which can be enjoyed by all ages.


To order Catholic books online you can use Amazon, or go to the websites for Veritas (based in Dublin) or the CTS (based in London).



Nowadays we can find all sorts of good free Catholic content on YouTube (as well as plenty of crazy stuff too!).  Ascension Presents is a YouTube channel from the US with new videos each week.  These videos only last a few minutes but cover everything from the Bible, prayer, spirituality, to moral questions.


Television - EWTN

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) is a Catholic TV station based in the US but with a presence in both the UK and Ireland.  Their TV channel is available to watch on Sky channel 588 and they show a mixture of teaching programmes, children's shows, daily Masses, rosaries and devotions, and documentaries.


Further Study

The Priory Institute in Dublin provide theology courses for adults looking to learn more about their faith.  The Institute was set up by the Irish Dominican order.  This year they will be offering courses online as well so that students can take part without travelling.    To find out more about their courses or to register to take part in their online open day on June 19th click or email to find out more.