February 2022


Following the decision of the Health Minister to remove Covid restrictions for Northern Ireland, the Diocese has given parishes permission to begin relaxation of the current guidelines for parish activities. 


We are reminded that the pandemic is not over and we are encouraged to be responsible and cautious in the changes we make over the coming weeks and months.


In our parish we will begin by making the following changes -



  • We will no longer ask for contact details from those attending Mass.


From Friday 25th February:

  • Parishioners may enter and leave from either the main doors or the side door.
  • There will be no stewards at Mass and parishioners may sit in any of the pews.  Please be respectful of others who may still wish to keep a certain distance from those outside their household.
  • Holy Communion will be given by the priest from the sanctuary to everyone at Communion time.
  • Those who are unable to come up for Holy Communion should sit in the seats at the pulpit side of the altar and the Blessed Sacrament will be brought to them.
  • Confessions will be heard in the confessional once again.


Thank you to everyone who has cooperated with the social distancing restrictions over the last two years and especially to those who volunteered as stewards.


The current guidelines will be reviewed by the Diocesan Office before Easter.