Legion of Mary


Legion of Mary members


The Legion of Mary is a Lay Catholic organisation whose members give service to the Church on a voluntary basis. The first meeting of the Legion of Mary took place in Myra House Francis Street Dublin in 1921. The unit of The Legion of Mary is called a Praesidium which holds a weekly meeting where prayer is intermingled with prayer and discussion.


The Legion sees its priority as the spiritual and social welfare of each individual.


The members of the Legion of Mary participate in the life of the parish through visitation of the family in the family home as well as visiting the hospitals and nursing homes. Members also bring Holy Communion to the sick on request.


The Ballymoney Legion of Mary meets every Monday at 7.00pm in our Parochial Hall.


If you are interested in joining the Legion of Mary or need their assistance, you can use the Contact Us page or leave a message on the parish phone.



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