The Society of St Vincent de Paul
St Vincent de Paul members

The Society exists to fight poverty; it is an international organisation which seeks, in a spirit of justice and charity to help those in need.


In Northern Ireland, the St Vincent de Paul has around 2000 members who work in a voluntary capacity through approximately 180 conferences. We are dedicated to helping those who are disadvantaged, neglected or in need, without discrimination. Our work is based on respect for peoples’ dignity and seeks to help people to help themselves, primarily through home visitation, offering friendship, support, advice and practical help.


Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners, street collections and local supermarkets, the Ballymoney conference is able to provide financial assistance, food, furniture, fuel, etc to those in need. Many of those we help are unemployed, homeless, families on low income, migrant workers and anyone who faces difficulties through loneliness, illness or relationship breakdown.


Anyone seeking help or interested in assisting us with our work can contact our helpline (07860 455 549) or any member of the Society.



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